I principali obiettivi di SEESGEN-ICT consistono nell' indicare un insieme di priorità per accelerare la introduzione di ICT nelle Smart Grid di Produzione Distribuita di Energia, investigando requisiti, barriere e proponendo soluzioni. Data iniziale 01/05/2009 - Data conclusione 31/12/2011


    SEESGEN-ICT will produce policy recommendations, identify best practices and draw scenarios and roadmaps for the next generation of electric distribution network.

    The following topics will be addressed in details:

    • ICT for management of smart grids with microgrids integration;
    • ICT for energy efficiency monitoring in smart grids;
    • ICT for demand-side integration (demand-response & demand-side management) click here;
    • ICT for business models management click here;
    • ICT-system operation and environment protection in the operation of smart grids;
    • Supporting best practices through experiences in test facilities.



    Each topic will be studied according to a sistematic approach in order to foster actively the participation and deployment of ICT on energy efficiency goals:

    • prioritise requirements, assess ICT offers/needs;
    • identify technological and non-technological barriers, identify solutions to barriers;
    • prioritise policy actions and produce roadmaps for the future;
    • formulate a complete list of recommendations to Stakeholder.



    SEESGEN-ICT is a Thematic Network that brings together 24 partners from 15 different EU Countries. The project is articulated in 24 months and foresees several Workshops and Meetings. The overall budget of the Tematic Network is approximately 500 thousand euros. The consortium is mainly composed of research centers and IC industry, but it also includes distrubution system operators, generation owers and energy authorities.